Each silver jewel (inside its packaging), is wrapped in a special Pacific Silvercloth for its care.

This cloth has the following properties:

– Protection against darkening of silver, copper and other metals.

– It has been tested for years in museums and silver stores.

– Protects against harmful gases: hydrogen sulfide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and chlorides.

– Cotton impregnated with silver particles.

A silver object surrounded by this fabric will be perfectly protected because all the gases harmful to silver will react with the silver in the fabric before reaching the real object. Pacific Silvercloth does not release any chemicals and therefore has no harmful effect on other art objects. The brown color is due to the colloidal silver.

While in storage, it is recommended to keep the silver piece covered with the Pacific Silvercloth to avoid darkening.

We recommend separating the cloth from the silver piece to avoid dirt or stains.

Avoid leaving the piece in contact with others, to prevent scratching the surface of the silver piece.

For more information and specifications about the use and properties of Pacific Silvercloth click on the following link


– Hand washing, cold to warm water is recommended.

– Dry in the shade.

– Iron warm.

– Do not use bleach.

– Do not tumble dry.

– Do not dry clean.

– In necklace bands, be careful with the silver finish, do not pull or crush.