The protective parents ―Peñi Epatun― placed centered in the chest, represent kind spirits that dance under the blue sky of the universe and protect us.

The textile design was inspired by two Mapuche diagrams signify the idea of the eyes and soul of the cosmos: Nge Nge (eyes that reflect the soul), and Wiriwel (representation of the cosmos). The white and blue cotton threads symbolize hope and life.


$ 790.000


French 1st standard silver and blue/white cotton thread.
One replacement textile in black/blue color without design.


silver piece: 8×8 cm.
design band length: 64 cm.
plane band length: 74 cm.
band width: 3,5 cm.
length of band + silver piece placed on the neck: 41 cm. approx.


Repoussé, openwork with saw and loom-weaving.
Sliding system to change textile.


Unique piece.