Retal 4 Ring

Retal, as the word indicates, are fragments; pieces that remain in the process of stone cutting for another collection.
Among the scraps of onyx and lapis lazuli, new forms will be gestated from these remnants, which as individuals thrown into the world with no perspective of renewal, have nothing more than their own existence and a little time to create themselves. In this way, each unit created represents a total, conformed by new entities that can be destroyed and have the potential of new forms, until they are no longer perceptible to the human eye, where only dust and dissolution remain.Validation of existence through destruction.

Ring made in 950 silver and afghan lapis lazuli.


$ 247.000


950 silver and afghan lapis lazuli.


length: 4,5 cm.
width: 3,3 cm.
inner diameter: 18 mm.
size: 7,5 – 8


lost wax, stone cut (lapidary), box bezel and texture.


unique piece.