Kimen is a brand and studio of creation located in Chile, where handmade objects are designed that arise from the observation and amazement of nature and its textures, systems, and colors. Thus, after the study and analysis of materials, technologies are developed that make possible to work the imagined forms and then turn them into a new object, the result of ingenuity and curiosity.

Due to her parents’ sensibility and background -her mother an embroiderer and her father a jeweler- along with her experience working in conservation and museums in France, and across diverse cultural locations, Marcela Muñoz creates KN Studio in Chile (2017), her home country.


According to each project, clasp and uniting systems are analyzed and developed while integrating the aesthetics and functional aspects of the object. These systems are created by observing and understanding the movements of the materials, as well as the place in the body where they will be carried.


For 13 years, Marcela – creator of KN Estudio – worked on the design of mountmaking systems, specializing in the mounting of pieces of high jewelry in different exhibitions such as Bvlgari or the collection of ethnic jewelry of the Quai Branly museum in Paris, among others, and inside prestigious museums and exhibitions throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Mountmaking is the job of designing and making metal supports that uphold and creates value for the shown objects: it is the art of the invisible and discrete, which seeks to highlight the object exhibited in a game where balance and gravity coexist.

In parallel, Marcela has worked for important restoration projects in several places in Europe and Africa, specifically in Egypt, in labors intended for the rescue of religious objects, metal sculptures, war weapons, mosque grilles, and others.

In Chile, she has been able to grant her services to particular such as Jorge Yarur Bascuñán at the Museo de la Moda (the Fashion Museum) in Santiago.