Reflejo Pez

Plate that represents the mountains and its reflection on the water.

The textile diagram depicts the fish of fertility. The blue cotton thread symbolizes the vital liquid. The white thread represents life, purity, and light. Existence in its most sublime degree.


$ 500.000


french 1st standard silver and blue/white cotton thread.
one replacement textile in blue/white color without design.


plate: 15 x 5,5 cm.

design band length: 50 cm.

plane band length: 56 cm.

band width: 3,2 cm.

length of design band + plate placed on the neck: 26 cm. approx.
length of plane band + plate placed on the neck: 34 cm. approx.


openwork with saw and loom-weaving.
hook system to change textile.


1 piece available.
limited edition of a maximum of 3 units.
requests to: