Discovering beauty in each of the small things of everyday life is the greatness of creation.
Trying to preserve the admiration and curiosity of a childlike gaze and thus be able to discover and provide new shapes, colors, and textures to the senses. A game between reason and intuition that gives life to the structure of creation, and seeks to recreate work from different perspectives. In this search, a spontaneous selection is built, generated by the idea (design) that the collected materials inspire.

The collection here created was conceived as a product of a series of travels during the years 2000-2003, and from the observation of nature and its elements: stones, seeds, shells, etc. Through the senses, the matter is transformed into a pretext to obtain a form and this, into an excuse to play with the imagination. Then, it is possible to create fabric and texture with new materials and later try to convert it into something new, where each unit has a function and where weaving, building, and shaping, are the actions by which the material is modified to transform into an object. In a theme of aesthetic discourse.

These pieces were presented at the event organized by the association of artists of Ivry “Triangle d’art” and in the “Open Doors” workshop on Amelot Street, Paris.

Concepts present in the collection


Individually: Its unique structure put into value for the appreciation of the found object, as a treasure that nature offers.
Collectively: Where each unit fulfills a function determined by its individual form, and in which the union of the parts generates the final design of the piece.


The fluidity of the organic and the challenge of integrating this into the rigidity of metal. The magic that occurs when experimenting with the incredible capacity of metals, that allows them to move from the thick ingot to the fine thread, and the play between the fragments and connections that make up a whole.


The multiplicity of characteristics present in each collected item and how they are used in the composition of each produced piece.