Marcela Muñoz, in the context of Kimen Estudio, launches her latest collection based on Mapuche culture’s imaginary, from an update and free, playful and creative re-reading of the female strength, and the beauty that lays on discovered symbolism. A set of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, and rings, give shape to this collection of accessories created in silver and textile.

Marcela symbolically takes the role of Retrafe, goldsmith within the Mapuche people, creating objects full of meaning, relishing the utter stillness and respect for what was learned. Ancient designs, currently in KN, are created through a process of research and imagination.

Silver, a key material in traditional rituals, symbolized feminine fertility and energy; “tears of the moon” related to the fertilizing luminosity of the cosmos. The loom-work was the craft that graphically recorded the dreams and stories narrated by the grandmothers in which plants and animals reigned. What once recorded in the textiles is now a new language and code, and is freely and respectfully recreated in these cotton threads that support the reinvented silver pieces.

Colors like red, black, blue, and white, among others represented by Mapuche people, were the force that animated sexuality, the signs of war, and gestation. Today at KN, they are found in these new pieces that seek to extol a human, geographical, and cultural narrative, giving a special emphasis to the power of colors that revere the strength of women.

Concepts present in the collection


Is the original colour where all others rest. It manifests in the boundless psyche and in the universe. It is the colour of the absence of light and heat; the new moon.


Is the blood and germinating womb. It is the colour of courage and strength of the heart.


Liquid and transparent reflection; colour of the celestial vault and constructiveness. It is the hope of the soul.


Is the colour of life and sometimes also of fatality. It is light and purity of the spirit; a place where ideas are embodied and materialized.